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Thank you for your kind words. I am so touched to hear how Momster Mash has impacted your life as a mama.  I find such joy in bringing moms together to support one another, and to help remind all of us that we're in this together.  

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"...It's so great to have these encouragements. I feel like our world is 
hard on moms, and sometimes we are hard on each other. 
It's good to be reminded of why we do it! You rock."
~ Rachel L. ~
Mental Health Therapist, mother of one (plus one of the way)

"Momster Mash is an inspiring and fun blog!  
Motherhood is amazing and tough at the same time, 
so it's nice to be able to read about and connect with other moms. 
Thank you Amanda!  Keep them coming!"
~ Jenn L.~
Dental Hygienist, mother of two

"I love getting to read about other families and share with them too.  
It is so awesome getting to see how other mamas roll :)  
Thanks Amanda for your hard work.
 ~ Megan S. ~
September 2013 Momster, mother of seven

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