Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hubby and I are currently doing a study developed by Pastor Troy, the lead Pastor of our church.  We meet with a two other married couples on Saturdays, and I meet with a group of women on Fridays to discuss the same study.  The study is called Recalibrate Your Life and revolves around the principle of "recalibrate or stagnate"...you're either moving forward, or your moving backward.  The 5-week study focuses on 5 different areas of life:
Your Soul
Your Relationships
Your Home
Your Finances
Your Legacy

I've been thinking about how I can apply this study to other areas of my life, and thought I would share and ask for your ideas as well. 

Recalibrate my Friendships:
Honestly, friendships take a lot of work.  It takes being intentional in nurturing friendships, especially once I became a mom and had nap time, work schedules, traffic, and swim lessons to work around. It's not necessarily easy, but oh so necessary to maintain those dear friendships.  My hubby and I love each other dearly, but we also think time away with our friends is vital. 

My friend Brooke and I have season tickets to a theater about halfway between where we each live. We meet early for dinner, have time to visit, and then get to enjoy a musical or play; something we both love! The dates are set for us in advance, so we are sure to get together on a regular basis, and we hope to still be doing this when we are old and using walkers.

I have been intentional about phone calls!  I've realized I've done a really bad job at staying in touch with friends via the phone; partly because it's so difficult to find the time to talk on the phone with little ones who instantly and desperately need my attention once I put the phone to my ear...but partly because I've been slacking!

Recalibrate as a Mama:
This also falls under the Friendship category, because for me, taking time away to be with friends who lift me up and fill my cup, freshens up my mama soul and allows me to return home ready for another round. Just like a computer needs to be restarted every once in a while when it "freezes", so do we as mamas.

Sometimes, it's as simple as planning my grocery shopping during a time Hubby will be home to watch the kids. Never underestimate the power of a solo grocery shopping trip. Sure, a trip to Target is nice without kids, but give me Grocery Outlet with just the baby and I'm a happy mama.  Sad how easy I am to please these days.

I have fallen in love with Barre! The isolated, controlled, graceful movements are right up my ally, and new classes have recently been added to my local gym's schedule. I grew up dancing and this class really brings back great memories. Hubby and I have worked out our schedules so I can go at least 1x/week. 

Quiet time with my computer is another way I refresh. Some might see this blog and the Momster Mash Facebook page as "work", but this is a hobby and creative outlet for me that brings me so much joy. I am filled up by connecting with and encouraging other mamas. I encourage you to do what brings you joy; life is too short to rely on "someday".

Making time for the activities that bring me joy, allows me the ability to offer more patience and attention to my children. Knowing that I am guaranteed time in the near future to nurture my passions, apart from my #1 passion and priority of being a mama, helps me to be more present with my children in each precious moment I get with them. 

Recalibrate my Career:
I am a Dental Hygienist, which I love, but had been working in an office for far too long which was sucking me dry.  I made up my mind that I wanted to work less, closer to home, in a wonderful office filled with coworkers who worked well together, and I was going to find this office while on maternity leave. I sent my resume on a whim one Sunday night and was hired that Tuesday...it's 2-3 days a week, 10 minutes from home, and I absolutely love everything about this dental office. The job is a long-term temporary position, but it was clearly an answer to prayer. We prayed hard about what to do, but really felt the choice was easy and I am SO happy in my new office. I often see people working a job they hate for 20 years. Comfort zones might be cozy and familiar, but I believe great things happen when we wisely step outside of those "safety zones", trust God, and try something different.

Recalibrate my Schedule:
Time is precious, and I want to make the most of it. I've always been a task-oriented, list-making, goal-setting lady, but since becoming a mama of two I've found keeping an organized schedule is so vital to my productivity. Mommy-hood is unpredictable, so I know my lists aren't hard and fast when I make them, but it sure helps me stay on track. I was getting so frustrated when maybe one to-do would get crossed off for the day, especially when I used to crush a to-do list like it was an Olympic event. 

I've learned to prioritize my lists to the three most important items and give myself grace with none of those get crossed off by the end of the day. 

I have fallen in love with my Plum Paper planner! It is completely customizable to your needs and style, and is large enough to keep my family, blog and AdvoCare business organized in one place.

These are just some of the areas of my life I've been giving more attention, as a way to continue to recalibrate and grow (GROW is even my "One Little Word" for 2015). What areas of your life are you currently recalibrating, and how are you doing so? Are there any areas you'd like to recalibrate?

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