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MOM Elizabeth: Trusting God in the Delay, Part 3

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We left off last week with Elizabeth sharing how for two years she was waiting, praying and pleading with God to fulfill her heart's desire to be a mother. Elizabeth explains a certain Sunday during Advent that was particularly difficult for her.
"Advent is all about anticipation and waiting, which resonated with me as we reviewed the story of barren Elizabeth in the Bible. I squirmed in my pew, on the verge of tears, as we not only shared the struggle of infertility, but our name too."
Luke 1:37 reads "For no word from God will ever fail." When Elizabeth read that passage while alone later that day, it resonated with her in a way it never had before.  She explains, "God spoke to me that afternoon and I remembered what He'd promised me in the past. I cried a lot that day and remember wondering aloud if something was wrong with me. I just didn't feel quite 'right'".

Two days later, Elizabeth "Googled" some unusual symptoms she'd been experiencing, "I developed a metal taste in my mouth. I also began waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, which was unusual for me." She decided to take a pregnancy test and "two little lines appeared! Naturally, I went to the store and bought another test. Another instant positive. I was dumbfounded!"

Later that day, when her husband came home for lunch, Elizabeth gave him a card which read, "New job...you're going to do great!" She then wrote 

"Father. Start date: August 2014"  

Paul and Elizabeth laughed in disbelief together, cried tears of joy and hugged...but they were in for another surprise and were about to have their joy increased twofold! Elizabeth explains:
"At my first ultrasound appointment (9 weeks pregnant), we found two babies! I laughed and cried at the same time. Paul was silent at first (he was in shock), and later joked that he had chest pains when he heard 'twins'! Both of our grandparents are fraternal twins, but we never thought we would have twins."
How do you start preparing yourself for a twin pregnancy?  Google, of course! Elizabeth began searching and found images of pregnant women and their twin bellies.
"I got a little freaked out about the changes my body was going to go through. Thankfully, besides swollen legs and feet and difficulty sleeping, I didn't have any complications! And I never got as big as the pictures! We even made it full term: 38 weeks and 3 days."

Meet Ada May ("happy, first daughter, wished for child") and Libby Joy ("God's promise, joyful")! They are now 6 months and are developing their adorable personalities! I would say that I'm biased because they're my nieces, but I'm not...because they really are incredibly precious!

Ada is "observant, bashful and independent. She sucks her thumb and index finger...and her toes! She has big, beautiful eyes." Libby "is my silly baby! We've nicknamed her 'pterodactyl' because she makes dinosaur noises. She is a noisy eater and has been making us laugh since she was born. She rolls all over the place, loves to be held and is a spitting image of her daddy."

A while back, Elizabeth shared the way her and Paul pray intentionally for Ada and Libby, and I asked her to share here.  I think it's such a lovely way to pray for our children and have begun to implement this as a part of our night-time routine too.

Sunday:  Salvation
Monday:  Their mate
Tuesday:  Truth
Wednesday:  World-changers
Thursday:  Thankfulness
Friday:  Forgiveness and friends
Saturday:  Sin (victory over it), spiritual armor and servant hearts.

What tips or advice regarding motherhood did Elizabeth discover to be useful?
"Breastfeeding twins is downright difficult. I wasn't prepared for the emotional or physical toll and it is easily the hardest thing I've ever done! I took advantage of seeing a lactation consultant and a breast-feeding counselor which I would recommend to everyone."
What was one thing Elizabeth wasn't quite prepared for?
"A mom sacrifices SO much for her children! I knew this was the case, but I didn't understand the extent until I hadn't slept well, showered regularly, or left the house in a month! I was overwhelmed with love for my girls and I was determined to give them anything and everything they needed, no matter the toll."
Does Elizabeth have any advice for expectant, or new moms of twins?
"A lot of people tell me 'I don't know how you do it with twins!' The truth is, if they were given the pleasure of two babies at once, they would figure it out too. We decided early on that we wanted to include our girls in our everyday lives and not stop doing things, simply because we had babies. So we took them to a day retreat with our youth group at 3 weeks old, family camp at the beach with our church at 4 weeks old, drove 300 miles (a 5-hour trip that took us 8 hours) to spend time with my parents when they were 5 weeks old. When they were 3 months old, we flew to Los Angeles so they could meet their Auntie who was on an airport layover. At 4 months, we went on a youth retreat, at 5 months we flew to Texas for a weekend work conference. Most recently (6 months) we went on our youth group's winter retreat. We are raising flexible, adaptable babies who are learning to love traveling!"
Elizabeth has some words of encouragement, as someone who has been there herself, to anyone who may be struggling to conceive:

"You are not forgotten and you are not alone!"

 "Be honest with what you are feeling and share those emotions with those closest to you. Allow people to journey with you because it's too heavy to carry it alone." 
For more resources and a community for women in the midst of infertility, a friend of Elizabeth's has created a ministry called  The Carry Camp.  Look into what they have to offer for you, or forward this on to a friend whom you might be able to bring encouragement.

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Check back next week for the final installment of Elizabeth's interview, and learn more about her hobbies, passions, and how she is making an impact on the world in regard to social justice and lasting change!

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