Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom

Today would have been my mom's 61st birthday.  I sit here in the early morning dark, nothing but the glow of my computer to light up the living room. While my hubby and children sleep, I realize that waking up so early is the perfect way to start today.  My mom was a morning person, and I never have been.  We were so alike, and so different, in many ways.  I miss her terribly, and always will, but the pain of saying "goodbye" is losing it's sting.  Although vastly different experiences, I compare the feeling of losing the life of my mom, to gaining the life of my two children:  I had no pain medication during my deliveries, and the pain of birthing a new life will never be forgotten.  I will always remember the horrible pain, however joy slowly takes the place of pain as I reminisce.  

On my mom's birthday, I have decided to share the words I spoke at my mom's Celebration of Life service:

"You are all here to celebrate the life of my mom because she most likely touched your life in a unique way.  You all had different types of relationships with my mom and knew her in different ways, but I want to share with you who my mother was to me and give you a glimpse into our relationship that only she and I were able to experience.

My mom could comfort me like no other and had a very special way of making me feel special.
  • She would make me cinnamon-sugar toast when I wasn't feeling well.
  • While taking a bath when I was young, she would place my towel in the dryer so when bath time was over, I got a hug, and a warm, fluffy towel.
  • Lying in bed with my mom (and Natalie) at night before my Dad came in. We would read, look at magazines, talk about our days, and play footsies – she could not leave my feet alone :)
  • She insisted on putting every single Christmas ornament I ever made on the tree, even up until last year, and even though I insisted she didn't have to.  She was very sentimental.
  • She put special thought and intention into the gifts she gave and loved sending hand-written notes of encouragement out of the blue, or would tuck them away for me to unexpectedly find in surprising places.
  • My mom (and Dad) were my biggest cheerleaders in life.  Never missing one dance or vocal performance, track meet, or soccer game (even though I wasn't good) when I was in high school, home or away. 
  • Once Matt and I had our daughter, my Mom would make the 3 hour drive at the drop of a hat if ever we needed help. Only to return home and work on the weekend to catch up at her job.
  • I remember her tucking my hair behind my ears so she could “see my face”.
  • She hugged with all her might.
  • Her nickname for me, even as an adult, was “Bug”.
  • Butterfly kisses, Eskimo kisses and singing “you are my sunshine” are memories with my mom I will always have and are also new memories I now get to create with my daughter Lucy.
  • My mom emulated true selflessness and relentless, unconditional love.

My mom was unique.  Quirky, some may say...
  • She loved to read, but always had to read the ending of the book before she started from the beginning.
  • She also read magazines back to front.
  • She loved to buy and read cookbooks, more so than she actually cooked from them.
  • Whenever we ate out at a restaurant, she would organize and pile up all of our dishes on the end of the table to make it easy for the staff.
  • At Christmastime, when wrapping our presents, she used way too much tape. She really made us work to get those presents open....and I've realized I now do the same.
  • And she was NOT a gardener; she dubbed herself as having a “brown thumb”.  She could not even keep a bamboo plant or a cactus I bought for her.

Mom's 60th surprise party

My mom lived life passionately, was adventurous, and willing to try new things…
  • She told me about how exciting it was to see Elvis in concert.
  • She was a gun owner, and enjoyed going to the shooting range with Dad…and was a very good shot too.
  • She went skydiving in her 40s.
  • Learned to ride a motorcycle, and even got a tattoo (of a butterfly), in her 50s.
  • And the two of us had plans to go bungee jumping in Canada, which I will still do next year.

Her bike "Faith"
My mom loved…
  • The color yellow.
  • She loved Butterflies, they were ALL over our [yellow] house.
  • Chris Daughtry.
  • She loved playing (and winning) card games and board games.  She was very competitive, even when we were little…but she did play nice with her grand kids.
  • My mom loved the sound and the smell of rain.
  • She loved lavender, wind chimes and Earl Grey tea.
  • My mom loved a wide variety of music and loved singing.  I’ll always remember her cleaning house with all the windows open and oldies or worship music playing loudly and her singing along.
  • And there was no doubt of the abundant love she had for her grand kids – I knew she was a great mom, but was blown away with what an amazing grandmother she was. Her whole being lit up when she was able to spend time with her grand kids - chasing them around the house and playing on the floor with them making them laugh, they wore each other out!
  • Life around her stood still when she was with her grand babies.

I will always admire...
  • Her faith in God
  • Her strength through adversity and incredibly difficult circumstances she faced throughout her entire life
  • Her compassion for others
  • Her sense of humor
  • and her candor
  • She was passionate about every aspect of life.

Doctors told my mom she had 3 months to live after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000.  I am so thankful she fought so hard and we were given 14 more years together, a second chance at life is an opportunity that not everyone is blessed with. I was given the blessing of having my mom in my life when I married my husband and when our first child was born – I will forever be grateful I was able to share those monumental moments of joy with her.

So, rather than dwell on what our future may have been, I am trying my best to take advice from my Dad and praise God for the extra years I was blessed to have with her, and for my memories that will always be a part of me.

I don’t anticipate there will ever come a day I don’t miss her terribly, but I also know that this pain will ease with time.

And on crisp, rainy days, or whenever I see a butterfly, or hear a Daughtry song, I will do my best to smile and be thankful for memories made and for these reminders of what made my mom so special."

Happy Birthday Mom!

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