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MOM Brea Part 4: And Then There Were Four

Would you like to catch up with MOM Brea?
Throughout the month of March, Brea has openly shared her story of infertility, angel babies and her miracle Ally who beat the odds.  I asked Brea to tell us about her little miracle, Ally:
"She is all that is good and right in the world.  Her birth was the most beautiful moment of my life.  Today, she is a spunky 2.5-year-old who never ceases to amaze us.  Often shy in unfamiliar situations, she easily shines when comfortable. When she began daycare at 12 months, her caregiver said she's like a 'ray of sunshine'...and all of the other children are instantly happier because she's there.  She's a master negotiator who knows what she wants...I know she's on track to be a leader.  Ally loves reading and story-telling, bikes, stickers, coloring, soccer, making up her own songs, and spending time with her BFF - Daddy."
Brea had been through the unimaginable to become a mommy, yet she immediately knew she wanted to start the journey all over again once she held her sweet Ally in her arms.  Brea and her husband began planning for Baby #2 while their little Ally was still an infant, but decided not to go the route of fertility medications this time.
"...I was too frightened and the path was too daunting.  Instead, when it was determined I was ovulating, I began an aggressive form of acupuncture in order to...increase the length of my luteal phase - which at that time was not long enough to sustain a pregnancy - as well as taking Chinese supplements.  I had my doubts, but I needed this to work.  Before I knew it, my luteal phase went from 8 days to 14 days."
Based on her basal temperature readings, which were "all over the map", during month two of trying to conceive, she assumed she had not ovulated and they would try again next month.  Brea recalls, "I was late, so I took a test early one morning, and low and behold, 2 pink lines immediately appeared."
Brea and her husband welcomed Hudson, her "heart and soul", into their family almost one year ago.
"I love that I'm his world; he's looking for me whenever he's not in my arms.  He has daddy's caring and empathetic eyes, and we've noticed that animals have an undeniable connection to him - another trait he gets from his daddy...He's happiest hanging his head upside down and when Ally tackles him.  He laughs when we touch his hands, and cries when we touch his nose...when the day comes that I no longer get to hold him in my arms to feed him, I will long for those tiny fingers to gently play with my lips, or tickle the underside of my thumb." 

I was honored to host Hudson's Little Gentleman Baby Shower which you can check out HERE.

While not on maternity leave, Brea works with children with special needs within the education system in Canada.  She enjoys reading, traveling and photography.  She is an amazing photographer (see above photo)!!  She makes time at least twice a week to exercise without her children nearby. 

Photo Credit:  Raney Day Photography
"We as mothers know who our personal goals are often put on the back burner to focus on our children and family", says Brea, "and that's how it is for me right now."  Yes!  I think we can all agree with that one. 

Brea shares a long-time passion of hers:  "Fifteen years ago, I learned of domestic sexual slavery through one of my professors. It was then I knew that working with children and youth who were being sexually exploited was what I wanted to do...and was working in the field in a student capacity." She regretfully passed up an opportunity to dive deeper into this work, because it wasn't the right timing.
Brea looks forward to the day when she can "focus on a dream I've had for nearly half my life!" This particular dream is to volunteer with an organization in which she and her husband have been offering financial support, Transitions Global in Cambodia, "an agency that works on restoring the lives of girls rescued from sex trafficking."

Thank you, Brea, for sharing your story and offering encouragement and hope to others!

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