Friday, February 21, 2014

MOM Jessica Part 3: A Stronger, Better Version

Catch up with MOM Jessica:
To anyone who may be able to achingly relate to Jessica's story, she has some words of encouragement specifically for you,
"YOU CAN DO IT!!!! If I can, you can!  It's all about the first steps and letting whatever it is you want in.  If you want it, go get it...Let the challenges help you grow and become part of your story."
When Jessica is not busy working her magic behind the camera she is the "first one out the door heading to the mountains for a hike, snowshoeing, exploring, or driving back home to Forks to go fishing or hunting.  We also travel a lot to Westport to surf."  She is really happy when life opens up free time to do anything outdoors, "or anything that allows me to wear sweatpants!".  Gosh, I hear ya.  I love my sweat pants too!

Jessica, husband Chris and dog Roy at the Ice Caves
I love talking to others about books; it's the best way to add new reads to my list.  So of course I asked Jessica what she is currently reading.  Right now she is reading the Hunger Games Trilogy, which I have read and enjoyed.  New perspective can be gained from reading anyone's story, even Katniss Everdeen's.  Jessica reveals that she has learned a great deal about life through getting to know the main character, Katniss. 
"[Katniss] is strong, independent, yet still deeply cares about her family and friends' well being more than her own. Even in a time of great sorrow, and even death, she grows as an individual.  It's so easy to break down and give up in times of darkness, I have been there myself.  But if you can power through and believe in yourself, you can not only come out alive, but get out a stronger, better version of your yourself.".
Although I am getting to know Jessica right along with all of you, I can definitely see the resemblance between her and Katniss! What a great reminder from Jessica (and Katniss) that in this life, we are guaranteed to face troubles.  In order to find an improved-upon version of ourselves, it would be wise to endure our obstacles with grace and patience...and a good dose of tenacity and perseverance go a long way, too.    I am so happy for Jessica and the life she worked so hard for.  She set her mind on her goal, trusted in a door to open, and found the courage to fight through her fears and make it happen.  For that, I greatly admire you, Jessica.
To each mother reading this, my desire is for Jessica's story to bring you encouragement in whatever battle you may be facing in this moment.  Whether your personal battle requires a tiny dose of courage or more than you think you can muster, dig into those nooks and crannies of your heart, rely on the fact that God's timing is perfect and His love for you is steadfast, and have faith that your final destination will be worth the wait and the struggles along your journey.

What a wonderful story you will have to tell one day!

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