Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!


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I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!  December was a whirlwind of the typical Christmas "busyness", working extra hectic days at work, and we just wrapped up our third (and final) family Christmas party today.  Our normal routine will resume next week and, although we had a wonderful Christmas, I'm welcoming routine back into this house with open arms. 
I'm excited to get back to blogging, sharing new Momsters with you, and meeting new moms along the way.  Thank you SO much for all of your support in 2013! Although I get so much joy, fulfillment, and creative fun out of this exists for YOU.  I am encouraged to keep this up by your kind words, and am looking forward to a new year of growing this Momster community.
What change are you making in 2014?  Hubby and I have decided to go Paleo so today was Day 1 of the Whole30.  I'm good so far, but Matt is...hungry :) I think I need to work on my meal planning.  I'll be sharing more about how this goes, and our reasons behind this decision.
Another aspect of November and December that preoccupied my life was my mom's lung cancer diagnosis.  If you've been following Momster Mash from the beginning, she was my very first Momster of the Month and shared her battle and DEFEAT of breast cancer.  You can read her story HERE.
Starting in the Spring of 2013, my mom started noticing a persistent cough.  She was originally told she had Whooping Cough (although no test of any kind was performed in order to reach that diagnosis, so whatever).  The cough remained, and she returned to many different doctors, had biopsies, a CT scan, and a PET scan.  The final diagnosis is stage 3B Squamous Cell Carcinoma in her left lung, which is typically strongly associated with smoking.  However, she has never smoked, and has actually always had a strong revulsion to it, but did grow up in a family full of smokers, so the oncologist seems to think it's from second-hand smoke.  It is not associated with the breast cancer in any way, and the good news out of this is that cancer is nowhere else in her body. 
Please keep her and our family in your prayers, we can use all we can get.  If you know my mom, or are familiar with her story, you know that she is stubborn and does not give up easily.  We are believing in another miracle, and have faith that she will conquer yet another road block.
If you happen to be a smoker, there is no better time than the present to quit!  It's a new year, the perfect time for improving your life.  Furthermore, please consider the consequences smoking can have in the lives of people you love, not just yourself.  Personally, and especially as a Dental Hygienist, I'm a strong advocate for smoking cessation.  But, honestly, now I just downright hate it. That's all I have to say about that.
Moving on, as life must, I have a new Momster of the Month to introduce to you!  My goal is to get that first post up tomorrow night or Friday for you.

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