Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kris - Part 2: Her 8-Year-Old Negotiator

Kris has an 8-year-old son who is "one smart cookie".  Do you have a child who loves to challenge authority, think they are always right, and can also build a case to support their side?  So does Kris, and I think all kids have at least a little of this feisty spirit in them.  Sometimes it's temporary as they are shaping their personality and learning their boundaries, and sometimes that's who they are forever and always.  Kris is hoping his "very spirited" nature is just a phase, because "otherwise, I will probably need to learn some secret service grade, ninja-caliber negotiating skills."  Kris also describes her son as "extremely insightful, very expressive, and has yet to learn how to hold his opinions - when and when not to share them - and to control the use of 'no offense meant, but...'" 
What does Kris enjoying doing with her very spirited son?  She makes a great point, that children spend their lives taking instructions and following a lot of rules, so a "state of just being is important to balance it out".  I think we all need just being time! She enjoys doing things with her son which put them on a "level playing field - no one has authority, and no one needs to be right". Together, they like to watch Dr. Who on the weekends, run around in parks, pretend sword-fighting, him talking her into baking, and "tuck-ins".  Kris says "Tuck-ins are a real treat.  He craves goodnight ceremonies when he gets to tell me his adventures of the day, and I get to ask him questions that give me the pulse on the state of things in his world.  I'm blessed because he tells me his precious little secrets."
Definition by Kris:  Snuggle-buggying.  Verb.  "Snuggling and bugging each other at the same time.  I would think that if I had a daughter, the bugging part would not be there.  But because he's a boy, it's part of the equation.  An improvised gadget of some sort will make it's appearance in this setting, and will be used to zap me into the future and back."

No matter what they are doing making memories, the most important aspect for Kris is that they are doing something together.  "If he watches [Dr. Who] alone, and doesn't have anyone to interact with, it's an entirely different experience."
Kris says that her son is "all kinds of smart that I am not", but I say I think I know where he gets those beautiful brains :)  "He is a pretty funny kid.  And he can get himself out of trouble by trying to make me laugh.  That's worth being around.  Safe to say, we enjoy getting ourselves out of a fight.  But let's be honest - not always.  Just sometimes."
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Stay tuned as we learn how Kris is impacting lives around the world, and what you can do to help!

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