Monday, October 21, 2013

Rachel: Part 4 - An Organic, Dancing, Opthalmic Technician

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So far, we have learned about Rachel as wife and mother, but who is Rachel outside of those roles? She is 31-years-old, and has worked as a technician at Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute for 9 years now.  She worked full-time until she had Jacoby, but now works about 2 days a week, "It's enough to give me some adult time and lets me feel productive and like I'm contributing to my family financially (even if it's just a little), yet I get to spend so much quality time with my kids and husband.  It's a perfect combination for me."
Apart from her job at the eye surgery center, Rachel has taught dance for several years to kids ages 5-18 years.  I went to high school with Rachel, and she was a cheerleader.  Let me tell you, the girl has moves!  Rachel says, "It's something I have always loved to do and it's great to be able to pass on the love of music and movement to these kids.  Watching them work hard and finally nail that move/trick, or remember the choreography on their own, or perform in front of hundreds of people when I know they are scared; it's incredible to witness...To think that I may have influenced any of my students in any way is humbling.  Being a role model is important, and something I try to take seriously."

Rachel and her family have really been trying to eat clean, local, and organic whenever possible, and this has led to her involvement in a local, organic food co-op which was started by one of her friends (Blissfully Organic Co-Op). Organic produce is bought in bulk at wholesale cost.  Families purchase a 'share' and the money is pooled together to buy what is in season, and the produce gets distributed each week.  Rachel explains her role as a volunteer, "I show up early and help distribute the weekly shares.  It's a nice feeling to be a part of something that helps families eat organically and not feel guilty about their grocery bill.  We have a lovely little community of 'regulars' and it's a fun social hour at pick-up".  Blissfully Organic Co-Op (BOCO) currently has five pick-up locations in Olympia, Lacey, Puyallup, and Steilacom, and Auburn.  Rachel says, "I truly believe in supporting local farms, eating organic and bringing all the power of the food industry back to the people that do all the hard work.  I've learned that my dollar is my vote and I choose to vote for real food."
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I picked up my first share through Blissfully Organic this past Saturday, and am already hooked!  I received lettuce, red chard, acorn squash, lemon, kiwi, pomegranate, bananas, apples, and brocolette.  All organic, for only $25! If you live in any of the areas mentioned above, I highly recommend checking out their website and trying it out. I am currently trying to get a Maple Valley pick-up location, FYI.  Thanks for the information, Rachel!

On a related side note, I'm currently giving away a Big BAGGU grocery bag, which would be perfect for picking up your weekly BOCO shares, a trip to the farmer's market, Costco, and more!  Click HERE to find out how to enter, but hurry, giveaway ends this Wednesday.

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