Saturday, September 7, 2013

Megan: Part 1 - Meet Megan and Her 'JClan'

My friendship with Megan is unique; I have known her for 18 years...but she lives in South Carolina and we have never met.  It all started in 4th grade, when our class partnered with a class in Florida to connect each student to a Pen Pal (remember those?!).  Megan and I were assigned to each other, and we began writing letters "the old fashioned way" and exchanging pictures.  The magical world of the internet and email made their way into our lives, yet we still sent pictures from high school dances, Senior pictures, graduation invitations, and wedding invitations.  Fast forward to the Facebook era, and we are more involved in each others' lives than ever before.  We always joked about writing to Oprah or someone similar who might be interested in our story (and would pay for us to meet!)  I've been to the South twice, but it has never worked out for us to meet in person.  One day it WILL happen!  Enough about Megan and I, let's get to know Megan and her family why I selected her as the Momster of the Month for September.
Megan and John grew up in the same church and were best friends for 10 years before they even started dating.  They started dating in 2002, married in 2003.  John is a Marine, and they have been stationed in South Carolina for almost 9 years now.  They have 6 children they like to call 'The JClan';  Jacob, Joanna, Jordan, Joseph, Johnathon, and Jesse.  Megan explains, "People always ask how we decided to go with all the J names.  We decided to name our first Jacob and 3 years later when we found out we were having a girl, we thought we knew [that we] were going to name her Joy, but we found the name Joanna...Jacob picked [the name] Joanna over Joy, so we started the JClan.  Each JClan name comes from the Bible (Genesis 25:19-26; Luke 8:3a, 24:10; Joshua 3:13-17, Matthew 3:6; Genesis 30:22-25; 1 Samuel 13-31; 1 Samuel 16:1-13).

Megan shares what the JClan is like:
"Jacob (9) is very smart and loves playing football.  Joanna (6) has Acute Hypotonia Sensory Integration Disorder, ADHA and mild Aspergers Syndrome.  With a lot of time and therapy, she has been able to not let these things rule her life.  She loves to learn, help in our home, and dance.  Jordan (5) is the little mother hen, she loves to help take care of the little Js and do all the motherly things she can.  Joseph (4) is ALL boy!  He's a daredevil, but he's our 'watchman', he doesn't rest unless we are all home, safe and sound.  Johnathon (2.5) is just coming into his true toddlerhood, if he's quiet or not around, I'd better be looking for him because he's probably doing something like painting himself with nail polish.  Jesse (12mos) is still his mama's boy, he loves to explore, but never too far from Mama.  He's just hitting that sweet age where he likes to be with Daddy almost as much as Mama."
Life is busy for Megan and John and their JClan, but they try for a date night once a month and they have an "awesome babysitter" who helps them out.  A typical date night?  They like walking and carriage tours of historical sites or going to a restaurant they wouldn't be able to with the JClan.  Megan says "Going shopping for clothes or even groceries, watching a movie on the couch together and falling asleep midway in the dark and quiet.  Any moment we can steal just being us, we take!"
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Stay tuned as I take the month of September to share more about life of a Marine family and the upcoming year Megan faces while John will be in South Korea, homeschooling, homesteading, and Megan's business ventures.

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