Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mary Kay and Melaleuca *Giveaway*

This month, we have learned about homesteading, homeschooling Megan and her Marine Corps family.  Megan keeps herself happily busy managing her 6 kids, but she also takes some time to sell Mary Kay and Melaleuca products.  She says "these business are great at bringing that little extra spending money to our family without having to take time away from my family and are wonderful, debt-free companies!".
We are all familiar with Mary Kay and her signature pink Cadillac.  Megan began selling Mary Kay four years ago because "God only gives us one skin, so we need to be good stewards of it!".  She loved the products, was drawn to what the company represents, and enjoys helping women learn how to take care of their skin.  If you would like to support Megan (because that's what Momster Mash is all about!), and maybe take care of some Christmas shopping, visit Megan's Mary Kay Website or email her at to be placed on her mailing list for catalogs. Shipping is always FREE with Mary Kay! 
Megan started her Melaleuca business about one year ago.  "I was looking for products that go the distance, are not harmful to my family, and are a good price.  Melaleuca cleaning products are high concentrate so you get a lot of product for a little price.  Their vitamins are plant based and with the newly patented Oligo, the whole vitamin is going into your body, unlike other vitamins where you only get a part of the vitamin."  The Melaleuca website explains:
"Oligo works the same way nature works-by binding minerals to organic compounds. Because Melaleuca's Oligo delivers nutrients similar to how they are found in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods, your body absorbs more of the essential minerals it needs for health. In fact, the minerals in Oligo are proven by scientific research to be up to 10 times more available for absorption than the minerals in the leading brands."
For more information visit or email Megan at if you are interested in becoming a Preferred Customer. 
To say "thank you for reading" and to let you sample some of the product she sells, Megan is offering a giveaway!  One lucky winner will receive:

Mary Kay Men's Cologne Travel Set - $35 value
Melaleuca Tough & Tender Wipes (2 pack) - $9 value
These handy, biodegradable wipes are a quick, convenient, and eco-friendly way
to clean up messes on the go, with no caustic chemicals inside.
Giveaway ends this Sunday, September 29th, at 8:00 p.m.
To enter, follow the instructions below:
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  1. I love Mary Kay and have heard great things about Melaleuca! Hope I win so I can try it!!

  2. Have enjoyed reading about such a dear friend!


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