Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nicole: Part 2 - Running Toward Her Goals

Through her journey of weight loss and health, Nicole is learning that there's more to getting fit than just the number on the scale.
"Since muscle is more dense than fat and a pound of muscle is the size of a lime, but a pound of fat is the size of a softball, if you're incorporating weightlifting and strength training into your workouts, you will be gaining muscle and losing fat.  Your number on the scale may not be changing as quickly as you would like, so you need to gauge your results by measurements and how your clothes are fitting!  Track your progress by how you feel, how you're sleeping, how your workouts are improving, how your endurance is progressing, how you're getting stronger and if you are feeling healthier, happier, more fit, and more confident!  Because that's what's most important!"
Nicole has recently overcome many fitness challenges and this is just another way she can see how much progress she is making on this journey.  Running, even jogging, has always been a huge obstacle for Nicole; she "HATED IT"!  She recalls grade school end-of-the-year play day when all the kids would run a mile, "I couldn't do it.  I did not have the endurance or stamina.  And it got even worse in junior high and high school.  I eventually quit playing high school sports because they all required running of some sort." 
So as Nicole lost weight working out for an hour, 5 days a week, and completed small goals she set for herself along the way, she knew there was a huge goal she was ready to tackle...
"I started out a little at a time.  I got on my treadmill and would run as far as I could until I felt my heart was about to burst.  At the beginning, that was a half mile.  I walked for a minute, caught my breath and would keep going until I reached 3 miles.  Eventually, I could go farther and farther.  I began to love it!  It was so rewarding to see my progress; I would feel so alive!"
To overcome her biggest fitness obstacle, Nicole decided to run a 5k.  All the way through.  Without stopping. 
Nicole says this was her "Everest", but she did it and "it was so awesome"!  She has since completed many other 5ks and a 10k and says "Running is still very, very challenging for me.  It never gets easier, I just get stronger!"
Thank you for the motivation, Nicole, and for proving that change is just a mindset away.  I just love your positive attitude!

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