Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Don't Let Comparison Steal Your Joy

I'd like to thank the creators of Pinterest for bringing us such a fun way of procrastinating, while somehow allowing us to feel productive at the same.  We have pinned fun ideas for our children's birthday parties, recipes that help make dinner quick and healthy, and crafts we couldn't wait to dive into.  I found the image above on Pinterest!  We have also scanned images that have made us feel like our homes are messy, unorganized disasters; our closets are boring and outdated; and we are tired and uncreative.  It can be unintentionally tempting to allow Pinterest to make us feel guilty, but that's because we are comparing our very real lives to what we see in a staged, well-lit photo taken with a fancy camera.  Instead, let's allow Pinterest to continue to be a platform in which to inspire and challenge us.  Take that organization advice, but don't beat yourself upside the head with a neon file folder for not getting your office "Pinterest perfect" tonight.  Pin those freezer meals, but don't let your ego get freezer burned if you don't have enough time in your busy day to assemble them. 
While I'm at it, I just want to clarify that Momster Mash exists to bring the stories of other women to you amazing Momsters, not to make you feel guilty or inadequate.  My desire for Momster Mash, is to inspire you to make a lifestyle change you may have been putting off, to bring you encouragement by sharing a story of a Momster who personally understands why you feel overwhelmed, or to give you a different perspective on motherhood.
I heard a great idea today...a gal and her friends share pictures of their very real, messy homes on Wednesdays.  Strength in numbers, right?  Well, this is my kitchen tonight. A real, honest, messy, used "non-Pinteresty" kitchen. A picture of a real kitchen that might look familiar to you, but one that you might not see on Pinterest.  I will make this kitchen look great before I go to bed, only to be fully used first thing in the morning, and this is what it will look like again tomorrow night.
Live your life, and love the messes you create while raising a family. We will miss these messes one day! 
Oh yes, and please don't let comparison steal your joy :)

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