Monday, July 22, 2013

Liz's Typical Tuesday

Throughout July, we have learned a lot about Liz, the Momster of the Month, and gained some valuable mommy wisdom.  We ALL have wisdom to share, and I thank Liz for sharing her heart and insights on being a busy wife, mother of five, and business owner.  As a way to be a "fly on the wall" in another mom's house and gain an interesting perspective, I ask all of my MOMs "what does your typical Tuesday look like?" 
Here's Liz's Typical Tuesday during the school year:
8:00-8:30 - By the time I drag myself out of bed, the big kids have gotten themselves breakfast, dressed for school and have made their lunches.  I wake up just in time to make sure this is all done, pray with the family and kiss them goodbye.
9:05 - I get myself ready for the day and get Faith on the bus.  I now have 3.5 hours with just my 2 little boys at home!  Brent enjoys morning cartoons (I have absolutely no guilt letting my 4-yr-old watch tv while I get things done, by the way).  Jayson follows me around while I get laundry started, do the dishes and tidy up the house.  I also use this time to ship packages [for].  Technology is amazing and I can print labels from home, sitting right next to my little guys.  My husband then picks them up and takes them to the post office, or I will catch the mail lady when she comes and hand them off to her. 
12:30 - By the time I'm done with those things, it's time to start lunch.  Faith comes home and everyone eats.
1:00 - Right after lunch, all 3 of the little ones go down for a nap (HALLELUAH!).  This leaves me a couple hours ALL TO MYSELF!  The house is quiet.  A few times a week, I will also take a nap.  Usually, I spend this time working on Fly Belly or eBay, answering emails, checking Facebook and watching "Let's Make a Deal".
4:00 - The little ones get up from their naps, have a snack, and play.
5:00 - Tuesdays are piano lessons for the big girls, so they don't get home until nearly 5:00. I start getting dinner ready and we eat around 5:30. 
6:00 Adam typically gets home about now.  He spends time playing with the kids.  We start getting ready for bed around 6:45 - pajamas, teeth brushed.  We sit down nearly every night and read scriptures and pray together as a family. 
7:00 - Into bed! My New Years resolution this year was to be a better tucker-inner. Before, bedtime was not fun.  I was exhausted...and would yell...a lot..."JUST GET INTO BED AND GO TO SLEEP!!"  So, I have made it a priority to take time and tuck my kids into bed, sing a song, give a special kiss, read a book.  Some nights I revert back to my old ways, but some nights I am a rock star mom and do a great job tucking in!
After the kids are in bed, I typically will run errands...then sit at the computer and work some more while Adam does his online schooling.  I like to veg and watch tv too, it's my time to unwind.  
11:15 - I am a night owl, and like to stay up late. My nightly routine involves a hot shower, scripture reading, reading a book purely for enjoyment, praying, then to sleep by midnight!
*     *     *
Thank you Liz, our rock star Momster of the Month! 
We have enjoyed your company on Momster Mash and thank you for sharing. 

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