Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Natalie's Typical Tuesday

Natalie is my Momster of the Month for June (Click here if you want to read her story), and below is what her Typical Tuesday looks like:
When I was in school, it was my longest day. 
9:00 - Drop my son 'G' off at preschool, and then I would head to WSU campus.
10:35 - 11:50 - My morning class. 
I then had a six-hour break until my next class at 5:45.  Sometimes I would stay at school the entire time to work on homework, because I could never get much accomplished if I went home. 
5:45-8:30 - Night class. 
9:00 - Home.
Most Tuesdays, I would be gone for an entire 12 hours.  However, now that I am out of school for the summer, that has totally changed.  I don't do anything except hang out at the house with the kids.  Alfredo has that day off, so that is the one day we have together as a family.  I am loving it, especially since I know that it will all change once I start school again in August."

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