Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thank you Dr. Bilchik

A couple nights ago I decided to reach out to Dr. Anton Bilchik, the doctor who performed my mother's mastectomy, to thank him for being willing to operate on my mom when so many other doctors would not.  Here is what I wrote to him:
"Dr. Bilchik, You do not know me, but you performed my mom, Linda's mastectomy in 2004 (I believe). She does not know I'm writing, but I want to say "Thank you". She is alive and well, 13 years after her Stage 4 cancer diagnosis and her doctors continue to be stunned. You were such an integral part of her survival story and I thank you for operating on her when so many other doctors brushed her aside and told her to go home and die. I was a senior in high school when she was diagnosed in 2000. I have now been married for 4 years and our daughter, Lucy, will be turning one next month. I can't imagine not having my mom with me through so many important moments in life. I recently shared her story on my blog, if you would like to read it: http://www.momster-mash.com/2013/05/momster-of-month-story-of-survival-part.html Thank you again for your great work, and hope in healing. I'm sure there are many people so grateful for what you have done for them or their loved ones."
I was shocked to receive a reply from Dr. Bilchik just 10 minutes later!:
"Hi Amanda. You made my night. Of course I remember your mom. Please send her my
best wishes. This is so inspirational. Will she mind if I share it with others.
Best Wishes"
Well, share he did.  Today, Saint John's Health Center shared my blog and my mom's Story of Survival on their Facebook page along with the following:
"'Celebrity' or not, the battle against breast cancer has many warriors. Linda is a HERO among them. Our Dr. Anton Bilchik recently received a letter from Linda's daughter about her mom's journey of COURAGE and HOPE. We thought it touching, inspiring and important to share with all of you:"
Thank you, Dr. Bilchik, for not only your dedication to saving lives but also for sharing my mom's story in order to bring hope and inspiration to others.   

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