Monday, May 13, 2013

EFF Cancer

Meet Haley!
I met Haley through my sister-in-law.  Haley is a college student studying Social Work, she loves God, she is a gifted writer, she is passionate about serving others. 

She is also battling cancer. 

Stage 1 non-Hodgkins lymphoma and Stage 2b colon cancer, to be exact.  Along with the stress that comes along with rigorous college life, Haley has endured five surgeries in just over one year, as well as treatments that leave her nauseous, exhausted, and in tearful pain. 

A friend of Haley's started making these "Eff Cancer #suckitcancer #seriously"  t-shirts.  This is as foul as my mouth gets, but seriously cancer, enough already.  They are $20, plus $5 for shipping, and the proceeds are going towards Haley's escalating medical bills, treatments, gas to appointments, etc.

If you are interested in joining the EFF Cancer Movement, and would like to purchase a shirt as a tangible to help Haley, here's what you do:

1.  Like EFF Cancer Movement on Facebook
2.  Purchase your EFF Cancer t-shirt on Etsy
3.  Wear your shirt as a reminder to pray for Haley!

I am inspired by Haley's spirit in the midst of such a painful struggle. 
You can get to know Haley and learn about her story on her blog From the Inside Out.
I just received my shirt!
EFF Cancer #suckitcancer #seriously

"Because cancer is expensive and these shirts are funny"
Join the movement and spread the word!

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