Monday, April 15, 2013

The Momster Mash - Grand Opening!

A few years ago I sent my sister, Natalie, a card wishing her a "Happy Momster Day" (you know, because she's my sister and a mother, and not at all a reference to her being a monster).  Since then, I have referred to her as "Momster" and I now receive the affectionate moniker since becoming a mother in 2012.   
Mom-ster (noun): A member of the sisterhood of mothers.
Mover and Shaker. 
Monster (or so that is what appears to be smacking the snooze button).
Although I definitely don't feel like I need more to fill my time, I have been yearning for a new creative outlet lately.  With the day-in and day-out of motherhood, "wifey-hood", work, cook, cleaner, launderer, etc...I want an outlet to keep my creative juices flowing, and I firmly believe we all need to do what brings us joy to avoid becoming burned-out and bitter.  Additionally, over the past nine months of motherhood, I have found conversations with other mothers to be like prized jewels.  Let's say...rubies, not blood diamonds.  It can feel very isolating at times and easy to question if I'm making the right choices as a mother, and it's refreshing to know that I'm not alone. 
Whether you're a new mother, a veteran mother, or your heart's desire is to be a mother, we are all in this together. You know the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child"? As families move further away from each other and us Momsters are left to figure things out on our own, our modern-day villages are comprised of Facebook, Skype, forums, and blogs (and late-night text messages asking for advice when it's 3 a.m. and you're sleep-walking in the hallway with a screaming baby). 

Enter Momster Mash! Each month, along with other tidbits, I will highlight a "Momster of the Month" whom I believe has an inspiring story and encouraging word to share.  I think every mom has something inspiring to offer even if she doesn't feel as though she does.   My desire for Momster Mash is for this to be a place where I can do the "bragging" for you because, let's face it, YOU are amazing!  I want to share your struggles, achievements, honesty, humor, creativity, and huge love with other mothers...uh, I mean Momsters.

Join the Momster Mash!

and stay tuned for the first "Momster of the Month" coming this May, just in time for Mother's Day!
Learning as we go, and encouraging one another as we grow.


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