Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 37 Prego Points

36 Weeks with Daughtry
37 Weeks
Gestational Diabetes:  I'm keeping my blood sugar well controlled, but my self-control is really being tested!  Some warm, gooey brownies keep sounding more and more tempting as the days go by.  My midwife is so happy with my blood sugar and the fact that Lucy does not appear large, I will most likely not have another ultrasound (which I was really looking forward to).  Oh well, in a few weeks we'll get to see her in person!

Weight Gain:  No change since my last visit, so 24 pounds is still the total.

Sleep:  I'm staying fairly comfortable in bed, although rolling from side to side is becoming more difficult.  I am having trouble turning my brain off at night, so I find myself lying in bed for a while before falling asleep.  I wake up around 2:00-3:00 a.m. to empty the bladder, then it takes a while to fall asleep again, and waking when the alarm goes off has been difficult.  I guess my body is just preparing me for less sleep and more waking up at night!

Project Nursery:  We have much more to do in the nursery than I would like at this point.  I would love if it was completely finished now but the truth is, there are more important things we need to be spending our money on to prepare for Lucy.  We won't even be using a crib for a while, we're using a bassinet in our bedroom, so there's no need to buy a crib right now...I just want to have it in her room.  I've been searching for a white glider that is small enough to fit in her room, sturdy to last, but won't cost $600.  Craigslist only turned up ONE white glider in the Seattle area!  Other than that, the crib, and a few accessories, the nursery is done.  Which sounds not even close to done, ugh :(
I love her dresser/changing table!
(The room does look more complete since this picture was taken)
Labor Bag:  Our D-Day bag is pretty much complete and stowed away in my trunk.  I just have to find some more songs for my Labor Playlist on my iPod and then that can get thrown in.  We now have Lucy's diaper bag, so that is packed with the essentials including a few outfit options...we'll have to see what she feels like wearing that day :) 

Car Seat:  Her stroller is assembled and car seat installed.  It's so strange having it in there, and even more strange to know she will be in the car seat in a few short weeks!

Work:  I only have 7 days left at work!  WEIRD!  It's actually two weeks, but because of the Dental Convention this week, it works out to a total of 7 days.  Hopefully Lucy doesn't arrive too far past her due date, because I don't want two weeks off before she is even here.  I'm hoping for an arrival date between July 1 and July 4 (sometime between Canada Day and Independence Day!). 

Maternity Photos:  We were suppposed to have our maternity photo shoot last week, but the weather was cold and rainy (icky even for Seattle this time of year).  Hopefully, the weather and my work schedule will cooperate so the photo shoot can happen this week.

Freezer Meals: I have dinner for the first two weeks of Lucy's life taken care of! Click HERE for the recipes.

Overall, we're ready.  All of her clothes are washed and organized (as well as blankets, swaddles, etc), bottles sterilized, and pacifiers washed.  There are just a few more essentials I need to pick up this week including a couple nursing bras, breast pads, gel pads, wet bags for her diaper bag (for her diapers) and some more cloth diapers (she'll probably be in disposables at first anyway).  I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed with how quickly her due date is approaching us and how many little decisions need to be made (such as disposable wipes vs. cloth wipes) and items purchased. I know it will all come together and we basically have everything we NEED, but I don't like this feeling of being unprepared.  My brain is beginning to feel like mush and Matt is remaining so calm.  He keeps assuring me we are prepared and we'll have to make decisions and purchases as we go as we find what works and what doesn't work for us and Lucy.  I'm so blessed to have Matt as a husband, friend, partner, and support; and I know he's going to be an amazing father!


  1. Check Amazon for a white glider. We got one for like $130 (stork craft is the brand I think) and love it!

  2. Thanks Lindsey! We actually considered that brand because the price was right, but it didn't get the greatest reviews and I was worried to take a chance. Glad to know you love it, I think I'll go ahead and order :)

  3. It makes all the difference to have a calm support at home while you are going crazy with baby preparations. I'm glad you have Matt there to be the voice of sanity, and to support you while you go through this crazy time. It will all come together, and you have all the essentials - everything else you can add as you go.

  4. I so admire you Amanda!! You are going to be the perfect Mother and Matt sounds like he is the greatest!! Love you!! I'm so happy for you!!

    Mary Ann


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