Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week 34 Prego Points

Gestational Diabetes:  Although frustrating at times when all I want is a brownie, I've found some good sweet-tooth alternatives that don't spike my blood sugar and the diabetes is really easy to keep under control.  I haven't had another ultrasound yet, but I'm going to ask about that today when I call my numbers in.  I'll have to share some recipes we've been enjoying lately.  They are great for my diabetes, and have also been some of Matt's favorites!

Fundal Height Measurement:  My belly measurement at 33 weeks was 34 cm.  Still on track, but it's the first time the measurement has been one centimeter over my week.  Slow down Lucy :)

Weight Gain:  As of last Thursday, my total weight gain was 24 pounds.  So my last Prego Points update was incorrect. 

Sleep:  I'm thankful to still be sleeping well!  No more leg cramps since that one a few weeks ago.  I have started to get up around 1:00-2:00 a.m. to empty my bladder, but not every night.

Project Nursery:  We have new blinds installed, the trim cut and painted, and we have the first coat of white on all the door frames. I will get the second coat of paint on the door frames tonight as Matt installs the trim!  Matt should also have the closet organization system installed by this weekend and then we get the dresser put together and Lucy's items can start going in her room instead of taking over our office.  Several items have been ordered and are on their way to nursery land!  I know we (hopefully) have 6 more weeks to go, but I really feel like we're behind.  I would love if the room was ready by now.  Click HERE for pictures of the nursery update. 
Upstairs is a mess right now!
Nesting:  Not really "nesting" yet, but I know it doesn't always happen for everyone and it can also manifest in different ways for every momma-to-be.  I have had bursts of energy and have done some organizing, but nothing out of the ordinary for me anyway.  I welcome the crazy nesting to begin any time now :)

Home Birth Kit:  My birth kit arrived!  Click HERE to watch the video.

Labor Bag:  Now that I have my birth kit, I'm starting to put together "Labor Bags" for myself and Matt.  For Matt, I want to be sure he doesn't forget his swim shorts in case I want him in the water with me.  He might not want to strip down to his underwear to do so :)  When the bags are packed and ready, I'll do a video for that so you can see what we're taking.  I did buy some aromatherapy oil to add to my bag .  Peppermint helps with nausea, and lemon is renewing and I just love the way it smells!!  We are practicing using all of my senses during labor.

Birth Preparation Workshop:  Our birth workshop was last weekend, and what an amazing experience!  If you live in the Seattle area, we HIGHLY recommend Patti Ramos!  She is a doula and birth educator, and even if you plan on giving birth in the hospital with a doctor, take this class!  She showed us many techniques to help baby turn and get into the proper position.  One of which has been named "The Ramos" and 90% of the time allows the momma to avoid a c-section by getting the baby to rotate into position.  Matt calls it the "Cirque du Soleil" because it is...somewhat acrobatic and works best with two people assisting.  Matt was happy to learn that our 2-day workshop had been condensed to one day since one mommy-to-be was in labor, one was on bed-rest, and a couple other had to cancel.  Since there were only four couples total, we were able to complete the workshop in one day.  Many of my fears were laid to rest, and all of my questions were answered.  Everyone in the class cried, more than once, and it was definitely more emotional than we were expecting.  At times it was like a marriage retreat and Matt and I feel so much closer and connected, and are even more excited for the birth experience.  The Ice Journey is something I don't even know how to explain, and if you plan on taking Patti's class I'm sworn to secrecy.  Patti wants couples coming in to have no expectations in order to get the most out of, not only the workshop, but the birth simulation as well.  Let me tell you, you won't be disappointed working with Patti!  Sure, there are birth classes at hospitals all over the place, but I really feel like this is unique.

Overall, I'm starting to feel tired and easily out of breath, and have also had moments of dizziness.  While cooking dinner last night after work, I had to pull a chair over to the counter because I had to keep sitting down to rest.  It's frustrating, but understandable, as all my organs are being squished as baby grows...most notably, my lungs.  I've put a hold on my gym membership and am sticking to walking now.  I'm definitely moving slower at work, which puts me behind by 10 minutes all day long at times.  I have mixed feelings about work being a little slow right now.  I welcome the shorter days and work weeks at times, but also know my paychecks are about to come to a halt for a while and would really like them in full for now. 

Thanks for checking in and for all the sweet comments.  We are getting so excited to meet our sweet girl!

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