Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 31 Prego Points

Gestational Diabetes:  I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and have to test my blood sugar levels four times a day:  first thing in the morning, then one hour after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I then call my numbers in every Monday.  As long as I watch my carbohydrate and sugar intake, my blood sugar levels stay very stable and I do not have to take insulin.  If I did have to take insulin, my pregnancy would be determined to be high risk and I would no longer be able to work with our Midwife.  I'm missing my bagels in the morning and ice cream after dinner, but I can sacrifice some carbs if it means keeping myself and baby Lucy healthy.  There is definitely a silver lining:  Knowing, means I can keep myself and Lucy healthy, and greatly reduce my risk for developing Type II diabetes in the future.  My midwife, Nancy, said that in her 30 years she has never had a clients' blood sugar levels so high!

Leg Cramps:  I woke up in pain this morning about 5:00 a.m. with my first leg cramp.  Not a pleasant pregnancy milestone.  Because of the Gestational Diabetes, I cannot each much fruit (such a bummer) so bananas, cantaloupe, and even potatoes are not allowed to help with my potassium intake.  I already drink nothing but water, all day long.  My midwife suggested a warm bath with Epsom salts before bed because the Magnesium Sulfate will help

Nursery: After four different paint samples, we finally chose a color for Lucy's nursery walls! We chose Behr's Ice Folly.  A nice blue that's not TOO blue and I think it will look lovely with the white furniture.  Matt has also ripped out all the baseboard and door trim in not only the nursery, but in the hallway upstairs as well, so he can replace it with white baseboards to match the downstairs.  He's totally nesting right now :)

Fundal Height Measurement:  At 31 weeks, my belly measurement is right on track at 30 cm.

Weight Gain:  I gained another 4 pounds this month, which brings my total weight gain to about 24 pounds.  I can't really remember exactly after today's appointment for some reason.

Blood Pressure:  Nice and low at 100/60

Lucy's Heart Rate:  Strong and healthy at 140 bpm.  I love that sound!

Fetal Kicks:  Lucy has been moving and kicking like crazy!  I told Matt it's so amazing and creepy at the same time...but mostly amazing.  She is head-down, which makes momma happy.  My midwife told me that if she's head-down, she'll stay head-down.  It's so crazy seeing my belly jumping around and seeing what I think is a knee move across my tummy.  She also likes to stick her bum out on the right side and make my belly go completely lopsided.

Sleep:  I'm still sleeping really well, other than that leg cramp this morning :) 

Home Birth Kit:  It's time to order our home birth kit!  No, I'm not planning on giving birth at home, but I'll need it to give birth at Nancy's birth center, and we simply take it with us on D-day.  I can't believe we're close enough to be needing to order this!  I'll share the contents once I receive it.

What if I need to transfer to the hospital?  I get this question often from those concerned that I'm not giving birth in a hospital.  Our midwife, Nancy has delivered over 4,000 babies in homes and her birth center and has a transfer rate of only 4-5%.  This is lower that many midwives, who have transfer rates of 15-18%.  Most of her transfer rates are due to mothers asking for pain relief (epidural) after a long labor, and not due to an actual "emergency".  She said that if we do need to transfer, it's very easy and we won't have to worry about a thing.  Nancy handles everything and will have a hospital staff waiting for us when we arrive to the hospital if need be.  I'm not worried and I know we are in very knowledgeable and capable hands with Nancy. 

It's time for my appointments to be scheduled every 2 weeks instead of once a month.  I'll also be going in for more ultrasounds due the gestational diabetes; they'll want to take more measurements of Lucy to make sure she doesn't get too big.  We get to see more of her!!!

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