Sunday, May 20, 2012

Project Nursery: Paint and Trim

The nursery is painted, the new blinds are installed, and this afternoon we worked on the trim (for the nursery as well as the hallway).  This week on Matt's agenda is to install the trim and get the closet organization system installed.  I've been searching for the perfect curtain rod and having a difficult time, so that remains on my agenda  Seems like a simple project, but I haven't found a white curtain rod yet.  I thought I could just paint the previous curtain rod in the room white and buy new ends, but that's proving to be difficult as well and Home Depot doesn't have a white rod nor the ends I want.  The search continues.  After this weekend, we will buy the dresser we have picked out from IKEA and get that put together and then Lucy's items received at her baby showers can be put in her room!
Cutting trim
Making sure everything fits before painting.
Painting trim (with no VOC paint, window open, and fan on :)
Painting the door frame (new white doors coming at some point).
Dry time!

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