Sunday, April 1, 2012

What were your pregnancy must-haves?

In one more week, I'll be at the 7-month mark!  I have been keeping track of my pregnancy must-haves, because by this point I definitely have some and I'm sure that list will change/grow as my pregnancy does in the last 3 months.

But this post is to gather YOUR pregnancy must-haves.  Whether you are pregnant now, were pregnant last year, or 20 years ago; I am curious about what products, food, clothing, etc helped get you through your pregnancy.  I love hearing about how different everyone's pregnancy experience is, and I'm sure the lists I get from you will be just as diverse.  I still have 3 months to go, and I might get some great ideas to help me through the home stretch!

Just comment below to share! 

Week 27 Pregnancy Points
  • My sweet tooth is out of control.
  • Braxton Hicks is in da hizouse.  Not painful nor annoying, just there.  Letting me know my body is preparing for D-Day.
  • My Seester and her hubby came for a quick visit last night to pick up the bed in our guest bedroom.  Matt was sad to get rid of it, because he likes to take naps in there :)  Project nursery is slowly making progress!
  • Our Babymoon has been booked!  I'm so excited for one last baby-free vacation!  I will also be taking this opportunity to finally read The Hunger Games series.
  • I can no longer wear my scrub tops because my pants ride so low and my top sticks out.  It's t-shirts from here on out.
  • I loathe maternity jeans.  I desperately want to wear them, but can't find any that fit and don't want to spend a fortune on them.  My friend from church, who is about my size, is letting me borrow a bunch of her maternity clothes, so hopefully that will help supplement my wardrobe.

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