Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oahu Day 1: Let the fun in the sun begin!

Come along with me to Oahu!
Good morning Waikiki!  This is one of the views from our room, and although I can't really see the beach from here, Waikiki Beach is just beyond those buildings.  It's about noon here and I've been up since before 6:00 a.m.  Matt left for work at the Disney Aulani Resort around 7:00 a.m., and I decided to stick around here for the day to do some exploring and go with him on another day. 

Room without a view.
Although it would be nice to have a view of the beach rather than buildings while in Oahu, I can't complain.  Our room is covered since Matt is here for work, and I'll stay wherever they want us to!  We are downtown, so I do hear the sound of delivery trucks beeping while in reverse, car horns honking, and the hum of building air conditioners while outside.  However, Waikiki Beach is just a short walk across the street and I plan to check that out this afternoon.  I really wanted to get away for a "Babymoon", one last trip before our lives change forever, and it worked out great that Matt had to come for work right now.  Although he is working during most of the days while we're here, we have at least the next three days and all evenings together, and I really don't mind being alone during the day...I just want to relax and read (and shop) anyway!  I just spoke with him and he'll be heading back in a couple hours, "It's a bummer sitting in a dark closet in paradise", he said.  His equipment he is working on today is in a closet.  That is a bummer. 

I ate breakfast at the Jimmy Buffett restaurant at our hotel and pigged out on scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage, pineapple, and a bowl of oatmeal.  The waiters were so friendly and talked me into also eating a Belgian know, because "I'm sure the baby wants one!"  Ok, twisted my arm!  It is an all-you-can-eat buffet so, why not?!   I felt like Katniss Everdeen eating her first meal in the Capitol! (I got through most of The Hunger Games on the plane).  I'm sure I'll be getting to know those waiters well by the end of my stay. 

Next, I decided to take a walk down Kalakaua galore!  Where did I find myself amongst all of the cute boutiques and luxury stores?  ROSS!  Let me tell you, the Ross here has the cutest stuff, and a great maternity section.  I found myself two pair of maternity shorts, which I've been desperately trying to find without spending a lot of money.  $13.00 sounds great to me :)  I browsed in some other stores along one side of the street and decided to head back to the room. 

I have our bags unpacked and clothes neatly stored in drawers and the closet for our week-long stay.  Next on the agenda:  Grab some lunch to go, and head over to the beach for a picnic, reading, and relaxation time!

Pregnancy Points:
  • I had my Week 27 appointment with my Midwife, Nancy, last week and got my injection of RhoGAM and my blood draw for my glucose test. 
  • Pregnancy brain helped me leave my keys (turned) in my ignition all night prior to my appointment, and luckily my neighbor was able to jump start my car since Matt was already gone for the day.  This, however, resulted in me drinking the glucose drink later than I was supposed to, and not realizing it might affect the results of my blood draw.   My blood glucose levels came back very high, and I was sent for the 2-hour glucose tolerance test where my blood was drawn three times...yesterday morning when I was planning to be doing laundry and packing for our trip.  I have yet to hear the results of the test, but hopefully everything is fine.
  • At 27 weeks, my Fundal Height Measurement (belly measurement) was right on track at 27cm.
  • I have gained another 6 pounds in the last month, which brings my total weight gain so far to 19 pounds.
  • Blood pressure is good.
  • Sleep is still good, although I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable changing positions.
  • Thanks to a friend from church, I have more maternity clothes options!  She let me borrow two boxes of maternity clothes and among them are a pair of shorts and pair of jeans that fit!  I'm so excited to have something other than leggings and yoga pants to wear!
  • Last weekend, I washed the walls in the nursery and they are now ready for paint! 

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