Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 25 Prego Points

Month 6 already?!  Month 6 is here and I'm feeling conflicted.  I absolutely love being pregnant, especially after the first few months had passed along with the nausea that came with them, and I don't want it to end.  I feel like this pregnancy is going by too fast and I just want life to slow down a little.  How many times (God willing) in my life will I get to experience this miracle...two or three?  I'm not Michelle Duggar and don't plan on competing with her, so I need to cherish this experience and absorb every minute of it.  However, the inner conflict arises with the fact that I am SO excited to meet Lucy and start the next phase of our lives!  I have a feeling this is a common conflict for expectant mothers.

Nursery  I have made mental progress on the nursery, although there are no visible changes to see yet.  I bought white paint for the closet, and after we get that painted the closet organization system can go in.  I also picked up two paint samples but we have yet to slap them on the wall and finalize our color. Lucy's crib has been selected, but not purchased; along with some other items.  So...we're sort of making progress :) 

Cloth Diapering  This topic deserves a completely separate post, but the short version is we've decided we really want to give CD a go for multiple reasons.  The new dilemma is which brand to use?!  There are SO many different CD systems my mind is becoming so overloaded with options, opinions and reviews; to the point that I almost don't even want to sort through it all and just go with disposables. After much more reading about cloth diapers than I ever wanted to devote time to, I've decided that Bum Genius is the brand we're going to go with. 

Weight Gain  At my last appointment a couple weeks ago I was up 13 pounds.  I don't know that it's weight gain as much as it is water retention, but my boots fit nice and snug now.  I used to often wear two pairs of socks to fill them in!

Sleep  I'm still sleeping well, but find myself waking up at night only because I'm dealing with congestion.  The surge of hormones, dilated capillaries, and enlarged mucous membranes have forced me to breath only through my mouth at night.  This means I wake up at least once with an incredibly dry mouth and dry booger-ridden nose.  The Breathe Right nasal strips have been very helpful, but I find it a bit difficult and time-consuming to remove all the sticky residue from my nose in the morning.  My yoga instructor recommended a Xylitol nose spray at night, so I'm going to give that a try too. 

Cravings  I still like sour/acid foods such as anything with lemon (I'll bite into those puppies like an orange!), but my newest cravings are for sweets.  I've been tyring my best to control my cravings and stick with the fruit, but as I type this I really want a Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard from Dairy Queen!

Exercise  I'm still loving my prenatal yoga, but have been a slacker at walking.  I just think walking on a treadmill is really boring, even if I can watch t.v. while doing so. Matt goes to a gym called Ronin, started by a Green Beret.  It's pretty much like a CrossFit gym, but with even more variety.  I've decided to join and I've also decided I'm crazy (If you're familiar with CrossFit, you'll understand why).  I've done some research and Matt has talked with the trainer and many women exercise like this while pregnant, with modifications of course.  I've read mixed reviews on ab work specifically and from what I've found it helps with discomforts of pregnancy, helps with labor and delivery (especially the pushing), and helps that tummy "bounce back" post-pregnancy.  Sounds worth it to me!  The one thing I have to be careful of is a condition called Diastasis Recti, the separation of the abdominal muscles.  It's common during pregnancy but many ab workouts can make it worse and more difficult to "bounce back " post-pregnancy.  I went for the first time today and LOVED it!  It's exactly what I need to stay motivated and see results.  They also offer childcare and yoga, so it'll be perfect post-pregnancy.

Freezer Meals  I've been wanting to start doing this for a while, but being pregnant and often lacking energy after work, along with the reality of the lack of time coming my way once Lucy arrives, I've decided to start freezing away! I made three different freezer-to-crock pot meals last weekend in the hope of getting some tasty go-to meals under my belt (or maybe I should say Bella Band) before they are really needed. 

It's pretty obvious this blog has taken a dramatic turn to everything pregnancy and I've been wrestling with ideas for a new title.  The natural shift has me anticipating this is going to turn into more of a "mommy blog" and a remodel is in order.  I find joy and receive much encouragement and knowledge from other mommies, and my hope is that I can do the same for others.  Ideas for a new blog title are welcomed!


  1. Simply by stepping on the bands and holding the handles in your hand you can bend that the waist keeping your legs straight and perform good mornings for your lower back or simply bend at the knees for some traditional deadlift exercises. Both provide an excellent core workout.

  2. You made a good choice with the Bum Genius! They are my FAVS!
    You seem to be having so much fun! I'm so excited for you! :)

  3. Thanks Megan (Mama)! Any advice you have to offer is appreciated!


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