Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 22 Prego Points

Sick Day:  Today is a sick day for me...again :(  I had Strep throat around Thanksgiving and it feels like I have it again, but I went to my doctor yesterday and it's not Strep.  I just have to rest and wait it out.  Lots of water and soup for this momma.  I don't feel like I can sleep any more at this moment, so I thought it'd be a good time for a prego update.

The Gender Verdict:  Our diagnostic ultrasound was 1 week ago today and we now know if Baby B is a boy or a girl!  Baby B cooperated with us and we could clearly see everything we needed to see.  We aren't announcing the verdict until we tell our family this weekend (hopefully I'm feeling better by then).  A family friend is making a cake for us and we'll have our parents cut into it to reveal a pink or blue cake, and everyone gets to find out together!  The other day, while Matt and I were talking about this weekend, he called it a "sex party".  After we stopped laughing, we decided not to call it that again.

Healthy Baby:  Aside from knowing if we have a prince or a princess, we were thrilled to see that all organs and body parts are looking healthy.  Based on measurements of body parts, it is estimated that Baby B weighs 1 pound and is in the 58th percentile.  When the doctor got to the heart, I loved what he said..."Strong heart, beautiful heart, couldn't ask for a better heart."  That has been my prayer for Baby B and not just in terms of health.  I pray that Baby B has a heart of service, of love, and of justice.  That Baby B is kind and generous and empathetic. 

Active Baby:  I love than I can feel Baby B moving around, and can see my stomach moving as well.  I'm sure I've mentioned it already, but I'm having a difficult time wrapping my brain around the miracle taking place inside me.  There is a human in there!  It's amazing how much more connected I feel to Baby, and enjoy being able to say "there's the head" (lower right).  I wish Matt could experience these feelings the same way I am, but he does enjoy having his hand on my belly whenever he can. 

I love that cute little nose!  What do you think...Boy or Girl?

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