Sunday, February 19, 2012

21 Week Prego Points

Milestone:  The biggest milestone to report is Baby B's first kick!  Friday night while lying on the couch I felt a very distinct baby movement to the right of my belly button, and I continued to lay with my hands on my belly for almost an hour talking to Baby and feeling Baby move.  Ahhh-mazing!  I wish Matt would have been with me in that moment, but he arrived home shortly after from his business trip and while laying in bed that night, he was able to feel his Baby for the first time.  First, a very distinct kick square in the palm of Matt's hand, with each movement getting softer as Baby settled down for the night.  What a memory maker moment! 

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Prenatal Yoga:  Today was my first Prenatal Yoga class at Terra Yoga in Issaquah and I LOVED it; I'll be trying to go once a week from now on.  There were 10 of us in the class, ranging from myself at 21 weeks to one woman who is 38 weeks pregnant.  I've really enjoyed yoga for about 10 years now but haven't done any yoga at all during the pregnancy so far.  Our gym changed its class schedule and the only yoga class that works with my schedule now is hot yoga, and that's not recommended for the pregos because it raises the body's core temp too much.  Prenatal yoga is different from regular yoga because there are poses you want to focus on while pregnant, and some poses/movements to avoid while pregnant.  We did a mild back bend pose using a block to raise our hips, and this is not only a great stretch during pregnancy, but is excellent in late pregnancy to promote baby to get into the correct head-down position.  During this pose I started to feel Baby B moving around, so Baby either really likes yoga, or really hates it!  Haha :)  I was happily surprised I've maintained my flexibility and am hoping the yoga with help me gain even more strength and flexibility in preparation for labor and delivery.  We did a lot of hip openers and squatting to help strengthen the legs and stretch the hips.  Squatting opens up the pelvis by 28%, so I hope to use this to my advantage on D-Day! 

Mornings:  I just started a new book titled Sometimes He Whispers, Sometimes He Roars by Marilynn Chadwick.  It's about strengthening prayer time and listening for the voice of God.  I have been horrible about making time for devotion and prayer and, as many of you know, have failed at making time in the mornings for this.  One line from the first chapter has me excited to keep trying..."I may be barely alive at five, but I'll be great by eight".  Marilynn made herself become a morning person and although she really struggled with it at first, has come to love the time she has in the mornings.  Another reason I want to try again is to get to the gym.  I've been walking about 1.5 miles a few times a week, but some weeks it's never because I either have something going on after work, am too hungry, or too tired.  My gym opens at 5:00, and I'm going to try to get my walking in before work! 

Project Nursery:  After doing some price-comparisons on closet organization systems, I've finally decided to go with the Martha Stewart system.  I feel we're getting the best for our buck, as it ended up being the least expensive for the configuration I liked best.  It should arrive this week, and then Project Nursery shall commence!  This Thursday we get to find out the sex of Baby B!  So not only will we be able to narrow down names, but Project Nursery can really get under way.  I have ideas for a boy and for a girl and am just waiting for the green light. 

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