Thursday, February 9, 2012

19 Week Prego Points

Ultrasound:  We had our fourth appointment with our midwife, Nancy, today and everything is moving along great. Our diagnostic ultrasound is in two weeks and we are very excited to find out if Baby B is a prince or princess!  Nancy usually does a quick ultrasound at each appointment, but we decided against it today.  Well, Matt talked me out of it because I really just wanted to see Baby B, but we don't want to speculate what we might have seen (or not seen) in the "nether region" and leave the surprise for our diagnostic. 

Blood Type:  We found out today that Matt is A+, and because I am O- (shout out to all the other universal donors!) Baby B has a 50/50 chance of either.  I will get to receive an injection of RhoGAM in my 3rd trimester, and Baby's blood will be determined after birth.  If Baby B is also Rh-, then there is nothing else to be done, but if Baby gets Matt's blood I will need another dose of RhoGAM after delivery to protect my blood from being attacked from Baby's positive blood.  It's kind of like I'm Bella Swan in Breaking Dawn.  Ok, not really.

Heart Rate:  Baby B's heart rate was a healthy 150 bpm today.  I love that our midwife has been doing this so long she can tell the heart rate just by listening.  There is the Old Wives' Tale that claims that if the fetal heart rate is above 140 bpm it's a baby girl, and below 140 bpm it's a boy.  Of course, this is just a theory but we'll have a clear answer soon! And as I've said before, I'll be happy either way.  I just want a healthy baby; the baby God wants us to have. 

Baby Belly Measurement: I had my first Fundal Height Measurement today (or as Matt likes to call it, the Baby Belly Measurement).  This is a measurement taken in centimeters from the top of the pubic bone to the top of the uterus and helps assess fetal growth and development.  I measured 19 cm today, and I am 19 weeks pregnant, so it seems Baby B is growing right on schedule, as the measurement should match the baby's gestational age.

Weight:  I have gained 8.5 pounds so far.  I can still wear my pre-pregnancy clothes...with some slight tweaks.  Pants fit, but can't be buttoned without becoming painful, so I've been using the rubber band trick.  I also bought a BellaBand, but haven't used it yet.  Most of my pre-pregnancy shirts are fine as long as they're long enough (especially because I have to keep the blue produce rubber band covered up). I do have a few maternity shirts that I like, but it's difficult finding cute + inexpensive maternity shirts.  I'm just so glad I wear scrubs for work!

Cravings:  I'm still loving fruit; nectarines, mangoes, and kiwis specifically.  I have also been enjoying fudge pops!  Most food aversions are gone, but certain smells definitely still get to me. 

Overall, I'm feeling great, but today I could not find my energy.  I had a great energy span there for a while, though.  The other day I dusted the entire house, including around the ceilings and light fixtures, and then cleaned all the windows.  I not only cleaned the glass, but I took a toothbrush and bleach to the crevices where the window slides open.  Today...different story.  My energy was nowhere to be found after we got home from our appointment. I took a lengthy nap (ok, naps), made chicken stir fry for dinner, and that brings us to the present as I type this and watch 30 Rock...feeling ready for a fudge pop and bed.  Rough Day.

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  1. Happy tht everything is going well, even with yourr comic husband. Dad thinks I'm becoming a baby freak. Quilt color coming soon...


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