Monday, January 16, 2012

I am the 15% and Baby B Has Been Occupying my Belly for 4 Months!

We had an appointment with our midwife, Nancy, on Thursday and it was a special appointment.  My parents, along with Matt's Mom, accompanied us to our appointment so they could meet Nancy, see her birth center, and (most exciting) see the ultrasound!  They have seen the ultrasound pictures, but it is even more amazing to see their grandbaby moving around and hearing the heartbeat.  Our mothers didn't get to enjoy the excitement of the ultrasound when we were roasting in their ovens, so we were thrilled to share this experience with them and will be inviting them to future appointments as well when Baby B is even bigger. 

My blood tests came back and everything came back normal...except for the fact that I'm Rh- (I should've probably known my blood type already), which is only a big deal if nothing is done about it. 85% of the population is Rh+ when it comes to their blood type  (B+, AB+, etc...), so I'm the special 15% I guess.  This website explains it all much better than I could.  Matt's blood is being tested because he doesn't know if he's + or -, but chances are he's Rh+, which means I'll need RhoGAM in order to prevent hemolytic disease of the newborn.

16 weeks today (hello month 4!)
  • Weight gain:  4.5 lbs
  • Current craving:  Nectarines (I eat them every day!)
  • Nausea is MUCH better and mostly non-existent
  • I just signed up for a 2-day birthing seminar that our midwife referred us to.
  • My throat has been SO dry and I'm always thirsty for water, waking up in the middle of the night not able to swallow.
  • I read Jenny McCarthy's Baby Laughs this weekend.  Although she doesn't share my "language style" and is a bit vulgar, I really appreciate her hilarious honesty!  I was laughing out loud and reading parts to Matt.
  • I am reading 3 other books right now with another one on the way, and many others on my wish list.  Who wants to host my intervention?
  • We find out NEXT MONTH if we're having a Prince or Princess.  I've had so many people tell me they think I'm having a girl, even patients.  I had one female patient tell me with complete certainty that I was having a girl, she could "just tell" and is "never wrong".  Well see...

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