Sunday, July 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home

As my plane flew into Seattle yesterday, I was reminded of the beauty of this Emerald City.  Surrounded by snow capped mountains and tufts of evergreen, the water glistened in Lake Washington as sailboats sailed through the ship canal and ferries glided across the Puget Sound.  I miss Nicaragua and am already looking forward to returning...

but it sure is good to be home.

I arrived back in Seattle about 5:00 last night and was greeted by my Maverick and our Goose.  Matt gave me a hug, a kiss, and surprised me with a bouquet of Sweet Peas and my wedding ring.  He had my ring cleaned while I was away and slipped it back on my finger after giving me my flowers.  Goose, of course had to smother me with kisses when I got in the car too :)  When we arrived to the house I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me...another bouquet of flowers in the kitchen and a spotless house!  Along with working on the trellis; pressure washing the house, the fence, and the driveway; and traveling to California and Portland for work, Matt was Mr. Clean while I was away.  I was so happy to slip into a bed with fresh, clean sheets!  He told me he knew I'd be tired when I got home and didn't want me to worry about anything. 

Momma and Papa B, you did a wonderful job and I thank you!  I am blessed with an amazingly hard-working husband who loves me so much...

and it sure is good to be Home Sweet Home.

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