Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nicaragua via Costa Rica

After an unexpected detour to Costa Rica, I made it to Nicaragua!  Our flight from Houston was unable to land in Managua due to bad weather, so the pilot circled a few times before we got the ok from the control tower and started to descend.  Then tower control changed their mind, and we started to circle once again until the decision was made to fly 25 minutes south and land in Liberia, Costa Rica to refuel.  We ended up sitting on the plane for 2 hours in Costa Rica due to computer issues back in Houston inhibiting us to take off.  The good news is that I sat next to a recent seminary graduate and native Nicaraguan who currently lives with his wife in Mexico and we had a great time chatting.  He gave me some great advice and encouragement!  And now I can say I've been to Costa Rica too! ;)

I made my way through customs fairly smoothly, but definitely need to brush up on my Spanish...BIG TIME!  When asked what all the supplies in my bins were for (glasses, soap, etc) I was able to spurt out "cosas para una brigada medica" (things for a medical brigade) as instructed, although I felt silly doing so for some reason. 

I'm currently at the hotel in Managua where I will be staying tonight and most of tomorrow.  It's a lovely hotel and so far I am having flashbacks to our Cook Island honeymoon...but I think that's mostly because it is very humid!  It's currently cloudy, raining, hot and sticky...and I love it!  I was told it's not as humid up in San Ramon (Matalgapa region) where we will be heading tomorrow.   

Tonight is the farewell dinner for the Week #1 team / welcome info for us on the Week #2 team.  I'm looking forward to a long sleep tonight since I didn't really get any sleep last night on the plane.  I'll update tomorrow before we head up to San Ramon.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers!

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  1. YAY! The adventure has officially commenced! Thinking about and praying for you!


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