Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bricky Brunch

The Bricknell Babes:
Elizabeth (SIL), Rachel (Momma B), and Moi

Now that Rachel has her girls, we've decided to try to get together once a month for a "Bricky Brunch".  Rachel was blessed with two children, Matt and his brother Paul, but I think she is really enjoying having daughters now that her boys are married.  Elizabeth and Rachel live in the same town and have been meeting for coffee once a week, but I am two hours away and can't join them weekly.  We met for the first time the other week after just a one hour drive each and were also met with beautiful, crisp yet sunny weather. 

We enjoyed some caffeine and chat time at Starbucks before crossing the street to Thompson's Furniture (one of Rachel's favorites) where we each purchased a new scarf (see the lovely new scarves above :)  We're putting the new Bricky Brunch tradition on hold for the next couple months because of the busy holidays and the fact that we'll be seeing each other anyway, but should resume in permitting.

I'm looking forward to many more memories to be made and many more "Bricky Brunches" with the Bricknell Babes!

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