Saturday, October 30, 2010

Red Velvet Story

January to March 2009 was a stressful yet super duper exciting time!  I was working full time, going to school part time, and planning our wedding...and this particular period of time was full of bridal showers.  I was blessed with a Western, an Eastern, AND a Southern Washington shower!  

Western Washington Shower:  One of the games for me was to bake a Red Velvet cake from scratch...with no recipe. All of the ingredients I needed were placed on the counter and I had to do my best at guessing how to put it all together. Let's just say it was edible...barely.  I like to cook, but baking is another story.  Having never ever made Red Velvet Cake before, it made for some funny entertainment for the shower guests!

Baking the cake (more like having no idea what I was doing).

Trying the finished product.

Best word to describe the cake:  DENSE
"Are you sure you don't want to try it?!"

Southern Washington Shower:  Rachel's close friend was so gracious and hosted a "cooking" shower in their town.  Everyone was to bring a recipe that correlated with their gift, and guess what one of the recipes was?... yep, Red Velvet Cake!  Keep reading for the recipe...

Rachel, Me, my mom Linda at the shower.

Eastern Washington Shower:  You might want to wear an apron for this one, beause when an entire bottle of red food coloring and an electric mixer is involved you never know what could happen.  It just so happens that my sister Natalie gave me the pattern and material for an apron at the Eastern Washington shower, which I later made during a "sewing party" with Elizabeth and Rachel (my mom-in-law and sis-in-law).

With my sisters Julie and Natalie at the Eastern Washington Shower.

Matt and I also chose Red Velvet as one of our three cupcake flavors at our wedding reception...

This week we had a potluck at work and I made these red, moist, unhealthy treats...just don't make them every weekend and you'll be ok.  It's been 1.5 years since I've made them;  it's ok to indulge every once in a while!!  So, here's the recipe...

The aforementioned apron.

What you need:  CAKE/CUPCAKES
  • 3 eggs (let stand 30 minutes)
  • 3/4 cup butter (let stand 30 minutes)
  • 3 cups flour
  • 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • 2 1/4 cups sugar
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 (1 oz) bottle red food coloring
  • 1 1/2 cups buttermilk
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 1/2 tsp vinegar
How to make the CAKE/CUPCAKES:
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Grease and flour 3, 8 inch cake pans (or 2 cupcake pans, or just use cupcake papers)
  • In a medium bowl combine flour, cocoa powder, salt.  Set aside
  • In a large bowl beat butter on high 30 seconds.  Add sugar, vanilla, add eggs one at a time beating on medium speed after each egg. 
  • Beat in food coloring on low.
  • Alternately add flour mixture and buttermilk to egg mixture.  Beat on low-medium after each just until combined.
  • Stir together baking soda and vinegar.  Add to batter.  Beat until just combined.
  • Spread into prepared pans.  Bake 25-30 minutes (15-20 min for cupcakes, 10-15 minutes for mini cupcakes).  Cool pans on wire racks 10 minutes.  Remove from pans, cool, and frost...
What you need:  FROSTING
  • One 8-oz cream cheese, softened
  • 1/2 cup butter, softened
  • 1 lb powdered suger (I know it sounds crazy, ONE POUND?!)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
How to make the FROSTING:
  • Cream together cream cheese and butter
  • Add sugar and vanilla, mix well.

And that's my Red Velvet Story!


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