Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spud (Small Potatoes Urban Delivery)

I'm not sure if I am becoming lazier, busier, or just coming up with ways to be more efficient. Whatever the case may be, I've found a way to embrace all three of the aforementioned scenarios! I remember watching the movie The Net with Sandra Bullock in 1995.  She played a keep-to-herself computer whiz who, in one scene, orders pizza online. 

 "WHAT?!" <--- <--- That's what I said in 1995. "How cool was that?!" Fifteen years later, I've discovered another thing that makes me say "How cool is that?!". I've discovered the world of online grocery shopping with (the idea for Spud was born in 1995 btw!).  There are other companies that do this, such as Safeway and Amazon Fresh, but I've found Spud to be the best for a several reasons...
  1. Spend over $40 on groceries and there is no delivery fee, whereas other companies do have a delivery fee.
  2. Spud sells mostly local and organic, and each to next item you can see the farm where your item came from.
  3. Spud delivers any time during the day and will just leave it on your front porch, whereas other companies make you choose a delivery time window (and charge more for a smaller window).
  4. If I remember correctly, I was able to choose the delivery day, whereas other companies gave you no choice.

I have ordered groceries twice from Spud and am sold.  I do, however, go to the grocery store for last minute items or for things Matt prefers.  For example, I was told the organic "raisin bran" I bought tasted like cardboard, so I stick to the regular grocery store cereal for him.  I'm sold on ordering groceries online for a several reasons...
  1. Matt isn't with me when I go grocery shopping, but when I order through Spud he's here at home and I can ask him questions such as "Do you want me to get some bananas this week?"
  2. While grocery shopping online, I can pause if I need to answer my phone, use the restroom, or grab a drink of water and then resume my shopping. 
  3. I don't have to load and unload the car...which usually ends up being in the rain here in the Seattle area.
  4. I love getting anything other than bills in the mail; cards, books, clothes, and even groceries!  It's like Christmas when the groceries arrive and I get to unload them!
  5. I can create "lists" on their website, and also view past orders if I want a reminder as to what I ordered before.

Don't live in the Seattle area or the following areas?...
  • Portland
  • SF Bay Area
  • LA and Orange County
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Vancouver Island, Canada
  • Calgary, Canada

...Check with Safeway, Amazon Fresh, or another grocery store in your area.  Happy grocery shopping from the comfort of your home and "YAY" for supporting local farms!

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