Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bookshelf and Silver Sandals

I have found an awesome way to display the Anda Book Club books!  Scroll down to see my customized bookshelf which will sit on the right side of the page permanently.  You will find a combination of some books I have read, along with books I plan to read.  Books that I have read will (in most cases) have a star rating and a review by myself, and if I have not read the book an editorial review will pop up.  Just scroll your cursor over the book to read my review or see an overview of the book.  If you missed the explanation behind the Anda Book Club, just click on "books" under the "what I write about" tab to the right.

I have finished Forgotten God, and it is on the shelf somewhere with my review.  I need to figure out how to better organize the shelf, and hopefully will find a way to place the most recent books read on the first page of the shelf, as well as the book I am currently reading. 

I have just ordered the next book I will be reading...which is...THE SHACK.  Feel free to read along with me if you haven't read it yet.  I've read mixed reviews about the book, so I'm excited to form my own opinion.  I just realized that, without even doing so on purpose, I'm reading two books back-to-back that have to do with the Trinity.  Wow.  I seriously JUST now realized that...hmmm...

On another note, today's temperature in Seattle reached 77 degrees.  Why is this important, you ask?  It has not been over 75 degrees since last September!  That is 273 days!  Goodness Gracious, it's almost July and I'm ready for summer weather.  Today was a glorious day off running errands...and I got to wear a dress and my new silver sandals!

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