Saturday, May 29, 2010

Anda Book Club - Thank You!

Thank you so much to everybody who contributed to my book list, I really do value all of your recommendations! I have added a section of links on the right sidebar as you scroll down the blog; this is a list of the books I am preparing to read in no particular order. However, the book I am currently reading will be at the top of the list and surrounding by **. You can click on a book title and you will find yourself at a new page to read a description of that particular save you the trouble of having to Google it :)

This will probably be a temporary way to display the books, and will most likely come up with a more user-friendly way to share the book club. I will write a review of each book as I complete them, so stay tuned for a review of Forgotten God.  Feel free to read along with me, or share your thoughts when I write up my review if you have already read the book.

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