Sunday, March 14, 2010

Matt goes to the bakery...

...and comes home with these!

We have discovered CJ's Bakery in Black Diamond, less than ten minutes from our house.  We have only been there once to buy some bread and we ended up also buying a couple of these tortilla wraps with a cream cheese filling along with lemon custard, raspberry jam, apple, etc.  Let me tell you they are delicious!

Yesterday, I was working on homework all day in our bedroom (I didn't feel like going to the library or City Perk Espresso) and Matt comes in with one of the heaven-filled tortillas for me.  "Wow, how sweet.  Thanks!" I said.  He then informed me that we have plenty more downstairs (see picture above).  He said he asked for two of each flavor thinking there were only two flavors. He discovered there are in fact 8 different flavors, and left the bakery with two boxes filled with 16 of these delights!  If you've done the math based on the picture, we have eaten quite a few already.

My giggling turned into full on laughter when I went down to the kitchen and saw the boxes on the counter.  Nothing like a good sugar-high to help me fly through some homework! 

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  1. Bill EdlinMarch 15, 2010

    Thanks for sharing. Loved it, oh, and it sounds like you loved them!


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