Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Smell Like Coffee

Yesterday, I sat in Starbucks for about 4 hours working on homework. 

Today, I sat in City Perk Espresso here in Maple Valley for about 5 hours (one barista's entire shift) working on homework. 

I smell like coffee. 

I used to have to set up camp in the library back when I was taking my prerequisites and while I was in hygiene school.  I needed complete silence in order to focus and memorize.  Now that the subject material is different (much easier, just time consuming), I find the complete silence distracting.

Now I'm home, sitting on the couch, getting ready to work on some more homework.  I have the relaxing hum of fish tank pumps and swishing water behind me, and the Soundscapes channel on Comcast playing in the background (songs with words are distracting because I find myself singing along).

I just realized that I'm now a part-time hygienist, and once again a full-time student.  How did that happen?! 

One more quarter to go...

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