Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Drive to Covington.

Department of Licensing office #1 . . . now an Edward Jones.

Consult DOL website via my Blackberry.  Thank goodness for my Blackberry.

Drive to Kent.

Can't find office.  Call for landmark.  Find office.

Department of Licensing office #2 . . . wrong office, was told to go to a different DOL in Kent.

Department of Licensing office #3 . . .wait one hour. Again, thank goodness for my Blackberry to keep me preoccupied.

Slightly panic when asked to sign my new name as I have not much practice.

New driver license with a picture without braces, new address and NEW NAME!!! Priceless!

Amanda Elizabeth Bricknell  :)


  1. Woot! My 3rd trip to the DMV will be this week! Goodness gracious!

  2. Hey Gal!
    Sorry it has taken me so long to get on here. I love it! I will try to email you an update this week! My email is I'm working on getting a new blog together I let our old one go and I just haven't sat down to start another one. When I do I will let you know! Email me when you have some time!
    your p-pal
    Megan Shytle


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